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Unauthorised access to this computer system may constitute a criminal offence

By accessing this software, you agree to abide by the County Council's policies on ICT, including the Acceptable Use, ICT Security and password policies and/or other agreements outlined in your contract or user agreement.

Before using this computer system, please ensure that you are:

  • Using a wired internet connection - not wifi or mobile broadband
  • In mainland Great Britain
  • Away from a public place, in a safe, secure environment
  • Using the latest anti-virus and firewall software
  • Using the corporate network if you are County Council staff

  • Important Notice

    From Friday 10th April 2015, all external users (those with a username ending X1 or X2) will no longer have access to Staffordshire CCM. Staffordshire County Council users will continue to have access until Friday 1 May 2015, when CCM will be set to read only. Please contact your Business Co-ordinator or District Children's Commissioning Officer if you have any questions.

    Please ensure you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or above. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or above, you must be in compatibility mode.

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